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Dale’s Opinions
Memories & Personal Experiences
Values, Ethics, Character, Beliefs, Race, & Culture
Christians, Church, Religions, & Spirituality
Decisions & Planning
Education & Training
Family & Relationships
Business, Jobs, Finance, & Customer Service
The Future & The Past
Political, Government, Majority, & Minority
Human Mental Power - Actions Prove Some Don't Have It
Sports, Outdoor Activities, & Events
Humans May Not Be Wise, but They Are Self-Centered
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List of Articles in Each Catagory

  What Is a Writer Called Dale Lee©
  Why Dale Shares His Observations©
  Pond Bank Style Article©
  What is a Pond Bank Article ©
Dale’s Opinions
If You Truly Want Change, Standup for Yourself©
  Between the Ears©
  Breast Implants Provide Bullet Protection©
  Childhood Obesity©
  Decision Making©
  Wino Heaven - Wine Sampling©

Diversity Dating©

  Diversity - What Is its Value©
  What Do I Miss by Not Watching the Network News and Local News on TV©

Important News People©

  Soul Food Celebrating Black History Month©

NCAA March Madness©

  Shortage of Food and Water©

Be Careful What You Put on the Internet©

Memories & Personal Experiences
Christmas at Grandparent's Farm©
Christmas Tree Hunt©
Christmas Rabbit Hunt©
Frog Gigging is Fun and Dangerous©
Blind Date With The Donut Lady©
Political Activism©
  Wilma Rudolph, an Olympian©
  Who Can Escape a Nuclear Explosion©
  Married to a Deputy Sheriff©
  Bell Witch, Adams, Tennessee©
  Freight Outlet Store War

Getting Back into Dating©

  Giving Blood©
  Watching Sporting Events on TV©
Values, Ethics, Character, Beliefs, Race, & Culture
Why I Do Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages©
A Few Experiences Of A Teetotaler©
Christians, Church, Religions, & Spirituality
  Church Does the Same Thing Year after Year©
  Develop a Customized Status Quo Church Growth Program©
  “Repeat Last Year” Church Planning Model©
  Sunday Morning Worship Service©
  Christians - Tell People What You Expect of Them©
  Cutting Church Budget in Economic Down Times©
  Getting People to Visit Your Church©
  Getting to Know People at a Church©
Business, Jobs, Finance, & Customer Service
  Profit - Why a Business Exists©
  It’s My Business©
Political, Government, Majority, & Minority
  Political Falsetto Beliefs©
  Socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans©
  Understanding Politicians - Vote Shock©
  My President’s Talking Skills Will Solve Problems©
Doesn't Fit a Category

High Capacity Ribbon Manufacture Questionable Sales Strategy©

Getting Nude at Christmas© (Due to expressed concerns, this article may not be published even though it is not about Santa removing his clothes.)
The culture of the United States of America is worth protecting.©
Are American Christians being forced to become political in order to stop their persecution.©
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