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Important News People©



I wonder what is the qualification of the people that interview people on the TV news shows on Sunday morning. Since I do not know them, why do they think I will consider them to be experts and want to listen to them.

I wondered why the men often have a receding hair line. The men that still have the looks of a movie star better enjoy it while they have it. There seems to be two types of women. One type is young and attractive while the other type is older and leaning to being ugly.

I have learned that the questions asked the people being interviewed and the answers given are very predictable when you understand which political party each person supports. Once I learned this little fact, my desire to watch the interviews of politicians was reduced. I think the interviews of sport stars point out problems with the people asking the questions and how did the sports stars make it though several years of college.

I think showing a Looney Tunes® cartoon instead of interviewing the people will improve the number of viewers and improve the educational value of the TV news shows.

One thing I have learned is it is sometimes fun to hear how a person would try to distort the position of the other political party. I am sorry that I have learned that stating the truth is not a high objective of some of these self identified molders of American minds.

I wonder where politicians go to learn how to say a lot of words and actually say nothing. In this same line of thinking, why does it takes many words to answer “Yes” or “No” questions. Is it possible that many politicians do not know what they think or they have not been told what they are to say when they open their mouth?

A politician that says different things to different groups of voters can cause the casual listener to think the politician is lying. Maybe he is lying.

Dale “The Saint” Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last updated, September 1, 2010

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