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What Is a Writer Called Dale Lee©


I decided to write articles that have the answers to the questions I would be asked if I was to appear on a Sunday TV news show. I have not done anything that makes me famous so I will not be asked to be on a Sunday TV news show. Why do I think I have something to say that people will want to read? I am not sure. I have listened to people on the radio and TV. In my opinion, what they had to say was a waste of their time and my time. I guess I cannot do any worse than those famous people.

I have not been able to apply value to a person’s thinking skills when all they do is regurgitate their political party’s position on a specific issue. I guess a Power Point display could be displayed on a monitor that is placed in the chair where the interviewee would sit. Color could be added to the Power Point presentation which will make it more eye appealing. I feel sorry for the advertisers that spend money to support this type of regurgitation.

Of course I am going to write as if I know the subject and have very good insights to share. I claim the right to think I am correct. I am not going to write as if I am an important person in a political party which would mean that I would distort the truth, not tell the truth, or insinuate partial truths about people.

I am sure that some people will disagree with what I write. I write what I believe and know. I guess I can say that what I write is called my opinion. What I write will be evaluated by people according to what they believe. This seems like a fair situation to me.

I wonder what liquid is in the cups famous people sip on while they are on the TV news programs. When I have watched a Sunday morning news program, I have hoped that someone would turn over their cup. A spilled cup would allow me to see the color of the liquid in one person’s cup. I would like to have hot chocolate in my cup if I had the opportunity. I will need to have a spoon to stir the hot chocolate. I could look like I am deep in thought while stirring the hot chocolate.

I hope my answers will be simple which means they will be easy to understand. It seems that being a talking type political person means that you have to talk like you know what you are saying and at the same time not make any sense.

Since I served as many years as a professional clown, my readers will have to decide if my choice of words is weird on purpose, or it is just my normal way of thinking. I hope I will be able to select words that will cause some people to smile when reading an article.

If some of my articles will wade into the world of politics, I wonder how a blogger will make fun of me, attack my life style, and dig out of my private history something that will embarrass me. It seems your life is not private if you get into public life unless you are President of the United States of America. If someone wants to spend the time digging into my past, I would like to know if I am a direct decedent of General Robert E. Lee of Virginia. I believe I am not a direct decedent. I do know that Robert E. Lee of Michigan was my uncle.

You may ask yourself, “Who and what is Dale Lee?” I am going to try to answer this question by listing a few things about me.

Anytime I was getting ready to go through the graduation line, I never got to wear pretty cords and scarfs around my neck. I guess the schools’ officials misjudged the number of academic awards they would need and ran out before they got to my name in the alphabet.

I have never been a featured guest on the Jerry Springer TV news magazine show.

It is easy for me to understand the Jim Varney movies.

I have never served in the military. A torn ACL limited what I could do after registering with the Selective Service. Children of soldiers in the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) were my school mates and friends. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see a soldier with a Screaming Eagle patch on his upper sleeve. Current and former members of the 101st Airborne Division have a proud history.

I like the fast food restaurants’ $1.00 menu.

I liked taking a date to the Bell Witch graveyard.

My favorite professional ball teams when I was young were the Baltimore Colts and Milwaukee Braves. There were great ball players on both teams.

As a young child, I lived in a house that did not have electricity and running water, but it did have a two hole outdoor toilet. As an adult, I have had to work hard to keep the electricity and water turned on at the places I have lived.

I have ridden in several horse shows and even received a ribbon. I do not think the horse understood the value of the ribbon.

I was a member of the 4-H Club. Two projects were rasing Black Angus beef calves and strawberries. I knew about the quality of the meat of a grain fed Angus calf forty-five years before fast food restaurants. A teenager leading a calf in the judging ring while eating strawberries can be considered a little weird.

I like to listen to Elvis Presley sing pop and gospel songs.

I like the taste of food that is seasoned with black pepper, salt, onion, and bacon grease and served with cornbread.

I like to eat my own cooking. The first time I fried a chicken wing was interesting. One side of the wing was a nice shade of white and the other side was a nice shade of black.

I prefer the TV shows filmed in the 1950s and 1960s when compared to TV shows filmed since the 1980s.

Cold water, sweeten ice tea, and lemonade are wonderful drinks.

Even though I do think alcoholic beverages are for weak-minded people, I am familiar with the process of making fruit jar grade moonshine liquor.

I admit that I have made mistakes in my former life. I strive to not make mistakes, but my emotional weakness helps me to over come this goal and make mistakes. Some of the mistakes have been embarrassing.

I am a social financial political computerized conservative religious geek by choice and not by accident.

I am a Christian by choice and a male by birth.

Some people are clowns caused by mental genetic confusion, but I am a clown by choice, professional training, and being paid to perform at birthday parties.

Based on schools my wife and I have attended, I can say she is a devil and I am a saint. What you just read is correct.

Now you know all about me. I invite you to read my current and future articles.

I look forward to my future in writing by learning how many misspelled words I will include in an average article. To prepare myself for the future, I need to get a better computer spell checker and grammar checker.

Dale “The Saint” Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 10, 2010

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