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Pond Bank Style Articles©


Welcome to these special articles that have been developed without official government authorization. If you have trouble enjoying the articles, be sure to check both your arms to locate your funny bone. If you cannot find your funny bone, contact your insurance company for a local funny bone specialist doctor.

Some people have a funny bone located on the bottom of one of their feet. You may have to look close to locate which foot has your funny bone. Be careful how close you put your nose to your feet. Depending in your hygiene, your nose may be tickled by a non after dinner mint fragrance. Exercise caution.

The articles are the author’s spiritual reactions to the subject material. When he starts typing, he sometimes has trouble knowing what he knows and does not know. He can think better if you donate money to his favorite pocket. Do not be concerned about his limited intelligence. Under normal circumstances, he is smarter than a U. S. Congress maintained highway pot hole.

If you enjoy a certain article, feel free to share your thoughts with the article. Be careful. If you enjoy the articles, you may be investigated by the official government agency, Certified Intelligent Applehead (CIA), that will certify your mental competency. Saying that you enjoyed one of the articles may unleash energy that will cause more articles to be written and unleashed on your friends and enemies by Dale. Situations like this could be the subject of science fiction movies.

Caution! Pond Bank articles are flexible and content controlled which means some articles are on purpose not entertaining. If you find these articles funny, you know you are being impacted by the subliminal message.

Dale “The Saint” Lee


A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee


Date last changed August 30, 2010


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