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Diversity Dating©


Some people think that for anything to be of value, it must include diversity. Why? I do not know. Some people say that you must be exposed to diverse experiences, ideas, cultures, etc. in order to understand your world. I say “chicken measles” to that.

When I was a single man, I liked dating a variety of women. I liked getting to meet new people, learning about their backgrounds, and experiences. Also, I learned through dating a variety of women that there were a bunch of screwballs running around legitimately wearing dresses. I have wondered what type of man would be impressed with the screwballs I dated and those I was smart enough to not date.

I have wondered what would the rules to dating be if there were Diversity Dating Police. For every good-looking woman I would date, I guess I would have to date a variety of women such as ones that are ugly (pig look alike), fat (Marshmallow texture), plain Jane (saltine cracker), smart (not allowed), stupid (drinks water with peanuts), classy (speaks good English), limited intelligence (mows yard wearing only socks), poor (very familiar with Baloney sandwiches), rich (likes eating a fried Baloney sandwich at a restaurant), etc.

I wonder what types of women I would have to date to be diverse if I first dated an ugly woman. I think I would be tempted to lie on my dating report log. I wonder how often my log entries will be check to find out that I identified a pretty woman as ugly. What would be the punishment for lying?

It gets expensive by having to date multiple women in order to date one lovely woman. When do I decide that the lovely woman is worth the extra expense? Can I trust my opinions and experience to stop messing with the effort to be a politically correct and diverse he-man?

I got to meet some of the children of the women I dated. The behavior of many of the children caused me to start retreating from their mom after getting to meet the mother’s little darlings. It was expensive to take mother and brood out to eat. Also, talking the brood to a restaurant at times ended up embarrassing me. The discipline of the children created interesting family dynamics and eliminated my desire to ever think of the mom as a wife. Of course the mother was embarrassed by her brood’s normal behavior. I met one mom who had two wonderful girls that I liked better than the mom.

You can meet thirteen children and not find two alike. How does a he-man experience the diversity of children? I found the answer. He dates only women that did not have children.

If I am going to listen to a Diversity Dating Trainer tell me how I am supposed to act when dating, I want the person to have a very active dating life. I want a man to lead the seminar I attend. It seems that women have very unusual ideas about how a man is supposed to act. The ideas seem to emphasis the female mental superior status. I have not been able to understand why a female of superior mental status in life has to have a man rush over to her apartment and kill a little spider. Why doesn’t PETA complain about a woman causing a tiny spider to die?

Dale “The Saint” Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 8, 2010

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