Christians - Tell People What You Expect of Them©

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Christians - Tell People What You Expect of Them©


Do you approve of the content of current TV shows and movies? Do you approve of the current music available on radio stations, CDs, cable shows, etc.? Are there other things happening in your community, state, country, and world that you do not approve? You can stand up and be heard, but it takes effort.

The main thing that must be done is you have to tell people of your disapproval or approval. Whom you will tell depends on the source of what you do not like and who financially supports the things you do not approve. Who you are to contact depends on the media used, who pays for the product and who makes the product, film/program, commercial, etc. You must make sure your disapproval is known by the appropriate people that make the decisions.

Are you guaranteed that what you do will get quick results? NO! Perseverance is what you must have to impress the people that make the decisions. If they think they will not be financially be impacted by your efforts, you will be ignored.

“Money talks.” is a true statement. If you will decide to not purchase products made by a company that advertises on the TV show you do not like, you have to tell the company why you are not purchasing their products. Not purchasing the products will not have the same impact that a letter to the company stating why you are not purchasing their products. This will get the decision maker’s attention.

A group of people will get more attention than an individual. Part of your effort is to work to get people that support your goals to work with you to show the people that makes the decisions that they are dealing with a bunch of people.

To me it is clear that Christians in the United States of America are not showing politicians and companies their economic and political muscle. Politicians and companies seem to be able to ignore the Christian values in their decisions. If Christians all over the world would start exerting political and economic pressure on politicians and company leaders, there would quickly be a change in the behavior of the politicians and businesses. Christians standing together will have a strong impact on leaders’ decisions.

When a Christian stands up for his principles, Satan will be supporting people making statements that are attempts to intimidate Christians and destroy their values and influence. It is time for Christians to be proud of being a Christian and start intimidating politicians with their votes and money and intimidating business with the lost of Christians as customers. Do not give people the power to control you through intimidation. Intimidate them.

It will be a challenge to intimidate immoral people, because they have no shame to govern their decisions and actions. Standup and let the power of God work through you.

A Christian says he puts faith in God, but turns a lot of his life and future over to politicians that do not honor God. Why? I think the answer is something related to being lazy, poor faith in God, and being afraid of publically letting people know “I am a Christian.”

How do you keep up with the laws made by your elected government representatives as you keep up with your work demands, family demands, church demands, civic organizations’ demands, etc.? I do not know how you do it. I do know I can’t keep track of all that is going on. This enables self-centered politicians to pull shenanigans without me and you knowing what is being done.

By not holding politicians accountable for how they vote, you are putting your family’s future and control of your future in the hands of politicians? Do you approve of the way your government representatives vote and conduct themselves? Do you know how they vote on each bill?

The only thing I can believe that is consistent about politicians is they want to be elected or reelected. What a politician says during his campaign is designed to get elected. Too often it seems that what a politician votes for and against may not support what he said while attempting to get elected. Politicians listen to people they think will influence votes and will give them money for their election campaign. A fact is you and I are at the mercy of politicians. It is questionable as to the value many politicians place on the average American citizen. The focus seems to on made donations to their campaign.

You can gather a group of people together that supports your values. Emphasize to them to tell the politicians what they support and do not support by spoken and written word.

If an incumbent politician will not listen, vote for who is not in power. Be sure you notify the politician why you are voting against him. After a couple of elections with votes against an incumbent that will not support your view points, He will take notice and start to pay attention to your message.

A wild idea to think about is to find a politician that supports your beliefs and run him against the incumbent politician. Maybe you should try your hand at being a politician.

Do you think I am I being too idealistic? You may have another way of getting your thoughts heard. Good. Do what works for you.

Dale Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last motified, September 5, 2010

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