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NCAA March Madness©



It is the time of the year that college basketball teams are waiting to find out if they will be invited to play in the NCAA or NIT tournaments. Sixty-five teams will be selected to play in the NCAA tournament, and then thirty-two teams will be invited to play in the NIT tournament.

Why are the teams so happy to play in a tournament where the odds are against each team of being a winner? A basketball team has better odds of being a winner in the tournaments than winning a lottery. Of the ninety-seven teams that will play in both tournaments, ninety-five teams will end up losing and going home without a championship title. It is an odd situation that so many people get so excited about being chosen to be a loser. Some of the games end with overtime play. Many of the games will be lost in the final one or two minutes. Some games will be lost in the final few seconds or on the last shot of the game. Losing a game in the last few seconds is difficult to accept especially if your team was ahead until the last shot went through the net.

The teams that play in the NCAA tournament are in theory the best teams in college basketball. The teams that get to play in the NIT tournament are NCAA tournament rejects. Does it impress you to be called a reject?

Some basketball coaches have in their contracts that they will get additional money if the basketball team is invited to one of the tournaments. If the team wins the tournament, even more money will be received. The team members get to spend more time away from their school work. The trip could be considered extra curricular learning experience, because they will get to meet new people, visit new police jails, visit ladies that work evening shifts, etc.

Playing in a game or games in the NCAA tournament is considered a good recruiting tool by a college team to impress high school basketball players. Going to a tournament will mean more money received by your school and conference. Coaches have to make sure that no NCAA rules are broken during the travel to the games and playing the games. It is bad for your school if a coach gets into trouble. The coach getting into trouble can be a resume enhancement for some NCAA schools’ Athletic Directors. I know that does not seem realistic.

There is lots of money to be earned by hotels, restaurants, etc. located in the cities that are selected to host a part of the NCAA tournament. TV stations make lots of money carrying the ball games. Commercials pile money into the station’s bottom line. The tournament games are money makers.

There is two new end of season college basketball tournaments that are now available for teams to play. The tournaments are College Basketball Invitational tournament (16 teams) started in 2008 and tournament (16 teams) started in 2009.

The four tournaments have a combined participation of 129 Division 1 college basketball teams. Of the 129 teams, only four teams will not be losers. Based on these numbers, it looks like the rumor that NCAA basketball tournament will grow to 97 teams is probably true.

The teams’ players are very competitive which shows in how they are disappointed when they lose in the tournaments. The coaches are very competitive. Can you think of better reasons for the tournaments to be held for the players to prove they are better than other teams’ players and the coaches can make more money for themselves and their school and conferences?

Dale Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 10, 2010

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