Political Falsetto Beliefs©

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Political Falsetto Beliefs©


It is common practice for a politician, when running in his party’s primary, to say what he has to do to get the party members to elect him to run against the other party’s candidates. When he runs against the other party’s candidate, he says what he has to say to get elected. It is common that a candidate will move to the center of the issues to get people in the other party to vote for him. Once he is in office, he will typically move back to the position that he represented when he was running in his party’s primary. This will surprise the people in the other party that voted for him, and they will often become very unhappy with the person for whom they voted.

Some people say that when a politician changes his positions on an issue to get elected, it is politics while other people say it is lying. Do not be fooled by a politician’s political falsetto speeches.

How do you know what is the true position a politician holds? It takes close observation of what the candidate says, and what his opponent says about the candidate. Who is telling the truth? Sometimes you may not be sure. You may think both candidates are not telling the truth.

Some singers have their normal voice and a falsetto voice which is a higher pitch. Both voices sound good when used by a few singers. This is something that a voter has to watch out for what a politician says with his normal political voice and what he says with his political falsetto voice. Many politicians seem to have multiple positions on the same issue. They say what the specific audience will support. You have to decide which position is his true position. What can you believe?

Have you heard the falsetto squeal of a pig? A pig’s typical sound is a low pitch grunt. A pig can make the falsetto squeal when it is being hurt or is not getting his way among the other pigs. I believe most of the politicians’ falsetto squeals are based more on not getting their way than any other reason.


Growing up in rural country areas, I was around many dog fights. Most of the dog fights occurred when one dog wanted to establish his superior pecking order among the dogs in his community. Sounds like the way many politicians act.

I have heard the most terrible hurting sound made by a dog when I did not see the fight. I would look around the yard or house to find the fight. It was common for the top dog to be standing over the underdog that was laying on the ground causing a sound that seemed like he was in intense pain. His pride may be bruised, but he was not in any pain. I believe that the attention getting pitiful cries of emotional pain by a politician are based on him not getting his way nor getting the attention he is sure he deserves.

You will hear from a shallow politician when he thinks he can get attention by getting into the ruckus of making a simple issue seem so much more important than it is to the average voter’s life. Tough issues that are really important keep the shallow politician quiet and out of sight, but they will often cause a truly sincere politician to talk and sometimes get undeserved negative press. The shallow politician is quick to attack a sincere politician after he has taken a stand on an issue. The shallow politician will often not let his position on the issue be known when he is attacking the sincere politician.

Politicians are as vain as any starlet you can find in Hollywood or contestant in a beauty contest. When I was dating, I learned to stay away from the “beautiful number ten rated” women, because their maintenance was too high. Self-centeredness of the beautiful woman can be endured for a sort time period, but it can soon become overpowering and not enjoyable. After being in an elected position, many politicians evaluate their value to being far more important than they actually are. When he gets this attitude, it is time for the starlet politician to have a losing election.

You need to have good reasons for voting for a specific politician. He will be voting on laws that may not be what you want. Integrity, honor, truthfulness, and honesty are traits that politicians will sell in order for him to be acceptable by his national political party’s leaders which dispense money for elections. You are putting yourself and your country in his hands.

What are the reasons you use to explain why you trust a politician with your money and the future of your children and family?

Dale Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 7, 2010

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