Standup for Yourself

A Dale Lee Opinionated Pond Bank Article

Activity for You

1. If You Truly Want Change, Standup for Yourself.
2. Do Not Vote for an Incumbent Politician.
3. Start a Personal Boycott!
4. Tell the Politicians Why You Are Voting Your Way with Your Vote and Money!
5. Tell organizations why you are not using their services and products!

Form a Personal Boycott and a Reverse Boycott

For other things that you are for and against, form a one person boycott. The key is for you to notify the business, organization, etc. why you are conducting your boycott. Be respectful and do not use profanity when you contact organizations about your boycott. Do not limit yourself to one boycott. You can start several personal boycotts.

Be sure to encourage your friends to execute their own boycotts. If your friends start a boycott or join you in your boycott, ask them to use words that reflect their views. It will be best if you and they do not use the very same words or phrases. The contacts with the people being boycotted will carry more weight if people contacting them do not use duplicated written messages.

Politicians, businesses, organizations, etc. will listen when they are faced with
losing the power they have. Losing power can be simple things such as votes, donations, customers, readership, etc.

reverse boycott deals with you contacting people and organizations and telling them what they are doing that you support. What this will do is to give them support to continue doing what they are doing. If you can do business with them, tell an official in person why you are doing business with them.

Stand up and tell people what you believe, and what you want them to do.

Enjoy sharing what you want and believe. You will have more
impact than you can anticipate.

Finding How to Make a Contact

A simple way is to go to the appropriate web site and select the "Contact" option. This web page will give you several options. If you are not sure what to do, contact the Customer Service staff.

You Decide What You Will Support

Of course I have my opinions as to what is correct to be against and for. I am not concerned about what you are for or against. I want you to let the appropriate people know you thoughts and what you want them to do.

Thank You for Your Efforts to Standup.

Dale Lee

Date last changed: 12-28-2007

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