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An apology is extended for any incovenience this struggle with SPAMMERS may cause you.

The current email address you are to use to request a LM2DM Project's email address is lm2dmproject@gmail.com. From time to time, the email address you will use to request a valid LM2DM Project's email address will be changed.

The freedom of placing email address in web pages to make it easy for a visitor to send an email about an article or share their thoughts has been destroyed by SPAMMERS. Spammers use robot software to search web sites for email addresses. Bunches of SPAM message clogged up the LM2DM mail box. To make an attempt to cut down on the SPAM messages, the process for a visitor to obtain an email address has been changed.

A visitor will have to create an email message using the email message listed on this page. Include in the message's Subject line the letters, REQUEST EMAIL ADDRESS, plus your name. In the body of the email message, please indicate the reason for requesting a valid email address.

An email message will be sent to you with a valid LM2DM Project's email address that relates to your stated reason. Due to travel schedule, it may take a week or more for you to receive the email message. If it takes more than two weeks for you to receive an email message with a requested valid LM2DM Project's email address, please send another email message.

By requesting a LM2DM Project's email address, you are agreeing to not include the email address you will be sent in a web site's page, a blog message, etc.

The LM2DM Project's staff ask for your patience as we deal with SPAMMERS.

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Date Last Changed - 091216