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Wino Heaven - Wine Sampling©


In a local newspaper, I found information about a big wine tasting party. This sounds like a wonderful place for caring people to take a sweet natured winos to drink, eat, and keep them off the streets for three days. The party starts on Friday and ends on Sunday.

A caring person could take a stroll on a downtown street and select the wino he wants to befriend. A trip to a thrift store will be needed to help the wino pick a new set of clean clothes. Be sure to select shoes that have been shined. This is one trip the wino needs to take a bath before going. If the wino is a lady, do not allow her to apply her lipstick if she is a little tipsy. You want her to start out looking desirable. This is one time men should not wear lipstick.

It will cost you some money to purchase the tickets for the wino and yourself. I think winos are being discriminated against because of the cost of the tickets. Can you think of a better group of people that would be very happy to attend a wine tasting party?

If I figured correctly, the party was divided into eight party time segments. A ticket has to be purchased for each party time segment. Some of the party time segments have drinking and non drinking tickets (does not apply to a wino) for sale. At each party, there are wines and food to sample. I think the planners have used a rib cook off or chili cook-off party as a planning model. I wonder if ribs and chili are considered a good finger food to eat while sipping a glass of wine.

You can get single, couple, and non drinking tickets. It would be hard to get a wino to go to a wine tasting party if he will only have non drinking tickets even if the food tastes good. The more you pay for a ticket, the more you get for your money. I assume the higher the cost of the tickets indicates that better the wine and finger foods will be served at during the time segment. I am not sure how important the quality of the wine will be to a wino.

This is a high class activity so no finger licking is allowed. Be sure to use the provided linen quality paper napkins to remove any food you get on a finger. I assume that neck ties and socks with shoes are required. To fit into the rest of the party people, winos are to refrain from picking their nose and burping to the beat of the mood music.

I do not know how many winos will have dates so I am figuring the cost is for a single wino not having a date. If I counted correctly, it will cost a wino $270.00 dollars to purchase all tickets for the three days. A wino can buy a lot of gold labeled bottles of wine at a grocery store for this amount of money. I think charity organizations can be found that will reach out to the winos in the community and show love for them by buying them a three-day supply of tickets. If you pay for the tickets, be sure to consult your tax advisor on how to record the tickets and clothes as a tax deduction on your income tax forms.

Taking a wino to a wine tasting extravaganza is showing your compassion and helping a wino feel important, loved, and of value as he sees himself in his shined shoes


Dale Lee


A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 7, 2010

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