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Why Dale Shares His Observations©



I am using my web site to publish my observations of life, because I need something to do so I do not get obsessed by watching weeds grow. I do have an active life for a few days after a good soaking rain. The weeds grow fast. Weeds have more personality than grass, because they often produce flowers. I am thinking about naming the individual weeds so they will be like friends to me. I hope I will not need to visit a “head” doctor when I over react to a mower cutting my friends down.

Voicing my opinions in a way that you can read them on your computer may seem to some people that I am egotistical. That is not true. I do have to use the word processor’s English geek tools such as the dictionary, grammar check, and thesaurus to determine if I properly used a word. I am actually a humble arrogant old geezer. I have experienced a bunch of birthdays that end in a zero. I can say I have had lots of time to see lots of things that have worked and have failed. The idealism of my youth and young adult years has been replaced by realism that is developed through living a long life. Becoming a fan of realism has been helped by mistakes I have made and seen other people make. Of course, I have seen other people make more mistakes that I have made.

I can say that learning from experience is not a fun and enjoyable learning method. It is an effective learning method that can hurt the learner’s esteem and be expensive. One thing about learning from experience is it is hard to ignore and forget.

For you word smiths, I could have used the word, niggardly, instead of egotistical. I didn’t, because some people that do not have an advance level dictionary would accuse me of being a racist. For you that are on my verbal level and need to use a dictionary to find out what “niggardly” means, my normal level of words will be easy for you to understand.

I have worked to make my written observations an enjoyable reading experience for you. This proves that I am thinking of you and not of myself. If you do not have an enjoyable experience, you need to watch more TV evangelists. They are good at placing the blame on you for not understanding their message. They are good at explaining that you are not rich because of you and your mental state. This mental fact is why you will find out that the problem is with you and not me. I would like to be a TV evangelist, but I do not have the hair line for TV.

Thank You for taking the time to visit with me. Because I am missing my friends, I need to stop writing so I can get back to sitting in my web chair and watch my friendly weeds.

Dale Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 11, 2010

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