My President’s Talking Skills Will Solve Problems©

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My President’s Talking Skills Will Solve Problems©



I am glad the closet that held the secret to solving differences of opinions and philosophy has finally been found and opened. This secret, if found earlier in history, could have stopped wars before the killing of soldiers and civilians started. I do not know how it has eluded so many statesmen for such a long time. The secret is talking.

It would have been wonderful if Neville Chamberlain the Prime Minister of England had understood this secret when he was in buddy-buddy discussions about European peace with Germany’s leader, Adolph Hitler. I have wondered what they missed during their talks when they shared tea and crumpets before the start of World War II. I guess what was missing was the involvement of my President.

I am glad to learn during the past Presidential debates that my current President has the ability to solve people problems by talking with the concerned and problem adults. This skill is what he will use to solve problems between nations, politicians, religious groups, businesses and unions, etc. I guess he will in the future become the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

I am waiting to hear that my President will hold Gang Town Hall meetings between leaders of gangs and local law enforcement officials. I am sure the gang problems are going to be quickly eliminated so intercity residents can peacefully spend time outside their homes at night.

I guess solving the gang problem is second in priority to solving the problems between countries. I excitedly am waiting for my President’s success on the international stage so he can get to the meetings that will bring peace and happiness to so many intercity residents. I do think millions of people will be very happy with my President when he makes the elimination of the gang problem his administration’s highest domestic priority.

I guess in the next few weeks, my President will announce he is meeting with the Mexican drug leaders to eliminate the corruption caused by drug gangs’ influence in the Mexican government and people illegally crossing the border between Mexico and the USA. All my President has to do is to organize and lead talks.

I do hope the power of my President’s persuasion skills is not a political campaign gimmick. Surely he will not fail the productive test on his talking skills. I am excited about my President turning the corner and act in such a way that American citizens will start to believe him.

My President could prove his skill in talking by bringing together the fans, in team logo attire, of the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys for a hand holding “kum-ba-ya” campfire meeting.

After holding the campfire meeting, my President will lead the future dream Trinity Secretary-General team of the United Nations composed of Barak Hussein Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Bill Clinton which will solve all problems in the world.

Dale Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 9, 2010

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