Learn More 2 Do More Project's Training Seminars and Activities
for Lay Church Leaders & Members

Sponsored by Lee Clowning Ministry

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LM2DM Project is focusing on developing and presenting entertaining training seminars and workshops for lay church leaders and members. This focus supports the LM2DM Project’s concept that a better trained church member develops into better church members, leaders, and volunteers.

The on site training seminars will contain immediately use able content that is presented in an entertaining atmosphere. The content of a seminar will focus on “how to” perform church related functions and responsibilities associated with the seminar’s topic. The entertaining atmosphere will be created using the skills associated with a humorist, a clown, a stand-up comic, a storyteller, an entertainer, an educator, etc.

Activities such as seminars, workshops, sermons, speeches, retreats, keynote speeches, etc. are referred to as a performance to emphasize the entertaining atmosphere. The entertaining atmosphere is designed to make it easier to get church members to attend educational performances conducted by Dale Lee. Dale is a trained clown and has performed since 1988 as the clowns, Millardo and Slow Beau.

The fee structure reflects an effort to make exciting training activities available to any size church and especially small churches.

Plans include establishing an internet network for people that are interested in exploring ways to train lay church leaders and church members. The internet network is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2008. The network will enable the network members to share with each other their concerns, challenges, and successes related to training church members.

Dale Lee is an entertaining educator with many years of experience as a professional clown, church volunteer, Christian educator, pastor, business owner, and trainer. He has earned the Master of Divinity degree, Master of Religious Education degree, and the B. S. degree in Business Administration with a Marketing minor.

Visit Seminar Training Descriptions and Potential Topics page to learn about the availability of training seminars and read a brief description of each seminar's content.

Visit the Educational Articles by Dale Lee page to get access to a variety of articles written by Dale Lee.

For more data about Dale Lee, go to the LM2DM Staff page.

If you do not have Dale's email address and would like to send him an email, go to the Contact web page to obtain an email address.

LM2DM Project is sponsored by the Education Division of Lee Clowning Ministry located in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

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