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Learn More 2 Do More Project

Sponsored by Lee Clowning Ministry

Presents Training & Entertaining Events

                   for Church Leaders and Members

Training events are designed and presented by Rev. Dale Lee. Dale is a seminary graduate and a professional clown. He is an experienced educator and entertainer. He has over a decade of experience in entertaining clients and their friends.

In the seminars and workshops, Dale uses skills associated with a clown, educator, storyteller, preacher, humorist, stand-up comedian, etc. to make LM2DM Project events enjoyable.

While the audience is enjoying themselves, Dale will sneak into the presentation the educational material.

The training events are presented in an entertaining atmosphere to help make attending a training event an enjoyable experience for church members.

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What is an LM2DM Project’s Presentation

A Learn More 2 Do More Project’s Presentation consists of two events and an optional Consultation event with Dale Lee. A Presentation of events will be conducted on-site for the client. The events are designed to train, encourage, empower, and entertain church members. The seminars and workshops focus is on teaching “how to do it” instead of the theory associated with the subject. A Presentation of events could take about three hours to conduct during one calendar day. Visit the “Types of Presentation Events” section (Page 4) to learn about the available types of events.

The events are presented in an entertaining atmosphere in order for church members to enjoy the time they invested in attending the events. When a church’s members enjoy themselves, they will be more inclined to attend other events conducted by Dale Lee.

The target audience for seminars and workshops are teenagers and adults. The Sermon, Keynote Speech, and Clown Style Program can be enjoyed and understood by older children, teens, and adults.

The Consultation event is an optional event that will be conducted if the time is available, and the pastor is interested in participating in the event.

Request for customized events are welcome. A specific event and its topic can be designed to appeal to a specific target audience.

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         Cost of an LM2DM Project’s Presentation to a Client

The cost for a client to book an LM2DM Project Presentation is the Presentation Fee and the expenses the client will reimburse the LM2DM Project. The Presentation Fee is based on the size of a church’s Sunday School average attendance. The typical expenses that the client will reimburse the LM2DM Project are travel, lodging, meals, handouts, etc.

The minimum Presentation Fee is $600.00. The Partner Financing Concept (Page 6) provides ways to reduce the Presentation Fee for a client.


Presentation Fee Structure for a Church
Presentation Fee
Sunday School
Average Attendance
Less than 150
150 - 275
276 - 400
401 - 600


Other Organization’s Presentation Fee


          $600.00       An organized group of churches such as an association, conference, diocese, district, etc.

          $600.00       Small business.

          $700.00       State or nation wide organizations such as a denomination’s convention, camp, meetings, etc.

          $700.00       School (College, university, seminary, etc.)

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Types of Presentation Events


Seminar      (60 minutes)         It is a lecture style format that uses humor

and clown skills to present mind engaging content.

Workshop (75 minutes with no break) It presents the content contained in its associated seminar with the addition of several mind engaging group activities.


Extended Workshop       (90 minutes) Workshop with 15 minute break.

Sermon (30 minutes) It contains Bible based content that is delivered through a blend of the styles of a preacher, clown, teacher, and stand-up comedian.

Keynote Speech ( 30 - 45 minutes ) It is an entertaining speech that is built around a theme and will include a variety of the skills associated with a clown, storyteller, humorist, stand-up comedian, etc. This event will encourage the audience while presenting the selected theme.

Clown Style Program ( 30 - 60 minutes) It is an entertaining fast paced event that is led by a human. The content will be built around a theme and will contain a variety of activities that use the skills associated with a clown.

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Consultation (Up to 60 minutes) It is built around a question and answer dialogue between Dale Lee and the people attending the Consultation. A Consultation is normally designed for a church’s pastor. A pastor can at his discretion invite up to four people to attend a Consultation event. The small number of people will enable more personalized discussion. A Consultation will focus on a specific topic and will not be a general discussion of several topics. The pastor will determine the initial topic. No handout will be provided for a Consultation event.

Client Designed This event is unusual in that when it is selected it becomes the only event in a Presentation. The client works with Dale Lee to custom design up to three and one-half hours of activities that are based on the available types of events.

This is a good format for designing a retreat or retreat atmosphere. It can be used to develop events that are designed for different target audiences. This format is flexible and can include events that are presented on consecutive days. One option is activities can be conducted on Friday night and Saturday morning. Another option is activities can be conducted on Saturday with a sermon on Sunday morning. The Partner Financing Concept’s Consecutive Days Method does not apply to this event. Due to the customized design of this event, handouts may not be provided.

Additional Information about Booking a Presentation

Visit the web site to obtain more information about booking Learn More 2 Do More Presentation events for your church.

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Partner Financing Concept (PFC) Can Reduce the Cost per Church

Learn More 2 Do More (LM2DM) Project provides quality training and educational entertaining events for church leaders and members at reasonable prices. The Partner Financing Concept (PFC) provides the ability for a small church to receive $600.00 of events for $200.00 which is receiving two events for one third of the normal Presentation Fee.

The Presentation Fee is based on the size of a church’s Sunday School average attendance for the last 26 weeks. The PFC enables a church to reduce its portion of the Presentation Fee by partnering with other churches to provide training events to their members while being a good steward of their financial resources.

The PFC provides several partnering methods that will help reduce the cost of the Presentation Fee to a church. The methods are:

1. Multiple Church Method. A church can partner with several churches to sponsor a Presentation Set of events with the churches sharing the cost of the Presentation Fee and the reimbursement expenses.

2. Consecutive Days Method. A church, when it books Presentation Sets of events that will span multiple days, will receive a discount that will be applied to the Presentation Fee for the second and third day. No discount is available for the Presentation Fee for the first day. This method does not apply to the Client Designed event.

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Combining the PFC’s Multiple Church Method and Consecutive Days Method can make a significant reduction in the Presentation Fee for a church, but it does not in any way reduce the quality of the training events and entertaining events.

Return on Investment

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) to a church that makes training church members an important goal of its Mission Statement? The open area of a church's back door can be made smaller by a church intentionally providing training that will enable its members to grow spiritually and live an effective Christian lifestyle. Also, better trained church members will become more effective church leaders, workers in the a church's ministries, and representatives of the church and God in the church's community.

Yes, it does cost money to aggressively provide training for church members and leaders which actually is an investment in the church's members and the church's future.

The Learn More 2 Do More Project wants to provide training to your church's members. Effort has been made through the Partner Financing Concept (Page 6) to identify how small churches can economically provide training for their members. The Presentation Fee charged by the LM2DM Project has to provide an adequate ROI for the time, effort, money, etc. that are required to develop and conduct training and entertaining events .

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Ways to Make a Contact

Dale Lee has owned Lee Clowning Ministry (LCM) since 1990. LCM has sponsored the Learn More 2 Do More (LM2DM) Project since 2000.

Web site: It contains information about LCM, LM2DM Project, and Dale Lee.

Email address: Please go to the contact web page to obtain an email address.

Mailing address:    P. O. Box 7797, Richmond, VA 23231

Dale Lee is based in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Snapshot of Dale Lee

Graduate of Belmont University - B.S. in Business Administration.

Graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - M.Div., M.R.E.

Ordained Southern Baptist minister.

Worked for the International Mission Board and the North American Mission

          Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Trained clown. Performs professionally as “Slow Beau,” the clown.

Experienced teacher of clowning skills.

Served as a full-time interim pastor and a member of a church’s staff.

Worked for several companies in a variety of computer related positions.

Worked for a YMCA and was responsible for the adult sport leagues.

Serves as the webmaster for the web site.


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