Socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans©

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Socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans©


I have twenty-four hours a day to use to execute all the things that are important to me. A twist I have to consider is the important things require at least thirty hours a day. What am I supposed to do? I can reduce the things that are important to me. If I have the money, I can hire a person to do some of the things for me.

I am concerned about the things that are done by members of the Congress of the USA. I do not trust them, and I do not have the time to look over their shoulder. I am in a situation that my district’s member of the House of Representatives and state’s two members of the Senate do not support my values. I am in a spot. I do look forward to voting against each of these politicians.

How can I do my work each day and keep in touch with what the socialist politicians are doing? The way things are looking, I think the current elected Democrat politicians are the same thing as Socialist politicians. The United States of America used to be a powerful and leading country. In a few years, the USA will become as powerful as England, France, and Germany. The USA is dropping in its role as a world leader.

I am a conservative by choice. I know that Socialism is not a good way for a country to be governed. Socialism is attractive to many people, because it gives lots of stuff to people that are lazy and do not want to support themselves. They are willing to let other people take care of them in the name of the national government. The people that fund the national government are not the people standing in line with their hands held out. Socialism gives the government and people supporting the government immense power to control people in a country.

I cannot forget the Republicans. I would like to. There are some Republicans that it is hard to tell what they support and believe. They often vote like a Democrat and talk like a half Republican. I did not know what the word, RINO, meant the first time I heard it. I soon found out that it stood for “Republican in Name Only.” In the last presidential election, while I was in the voting booth, I actually held my nose as I cast my vote for the president. I am sorry he lost just as I was sorry that he was the only one for which I could vote.

In my opinion, the Democrats started changing their party positions in the 1960s. The Republicans did not want to be left out so the leaders in Washington started acting like they spoke for the everyday conservative. They helped elect Bush, B&H Clinton, Bush, and Obama. I do not know how effective the Tea Party movement will be, but I do hope the very basic Conservative ideas will grow in importance to Republican politicians in Washington.

I hope that the Socialist Democrat’s policy positions will make the Republican politicians realize that they must strongly support conservative issues. Republicans that strongly support conservative issues will give conservative Americans politicians people to vote for and give Democrats basic American policies they can be proud to support.

Dale Lee

A former resident of Pot Neck, Tennessee

Date last modified, September 8, 2010

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