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It is best to view this web site using a monitor resolution set to "800 by 600." A monitor resolution set to "1024 by 768" is acceptable, but it will display long lines of text across the monitor which may be tiring to read.

The current design of the web site pages use text links to navigate through the site's pages. In the future, the design of the web site's pages will include a variety of examples of what can be done in and with a web page.

The pages in this site were designed to be viewed by Internet Explorer and Netscape versions 4 and higher. Some of the web site's pages may contain frames which some web browsers cannot display.

Web safe colors are used in the web site as often as possible.

The Webmaster is Dale Lee. Dale has worked with three different web sites since 1998. The three web sites have been hosted by four different companies.

Dale served as webmaster for the Dover Baptist Association's (DBA) www.doverbaptist.org web site for sixteen months. The DBA web site was designed so it could be supported by the DBA staff with limited knowledge about how to operate a web site. The staff of the DBA supported the web site for a couple of years. The DBA web site is now supported by a new webmaster.

Dale Lee does all the development of this web site's pages and support of the web site. Except for a couple of one or two day seminars, he is self taught. Being self-taught just means that he has had to struggle with learning the software and understanding the concepts associated with working with a web site and web pages.

Dale advises people working with a web site to attend formal classes when possible. The classes will speed up the learning curve. The self-taught approach is long and frustrating, but it can be done if there is a willingness to purchase books, study (not just read) the books, and overcome the struggle of making many mistakes.

The www.lm2dm.org is currently hosted by U.S. Net company.

Two ISP companies are used. Erols Company (The parent company is RCN) and U.S. Net company.

The major software programs used to support the web site and its pages are:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (Replaced Adobe GoLive 6)
WordPerfect 12
Adobe Acrobat 5.0

Adobe Reader 8
Netscape 7.2 and 9
MS IE 8.0
Cute FTP 2.8
Serif PagePlus X3
Serif Photo Plus 11
Serif Draw Plus 8
Serif Impact Plus 5
MS PowerPoint 2003

August 28, 2009

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