Learn More 2 Do More Project

Sponsored by Lee Clowning Ministry
Revised November 2, 2008

Short Term Goals for the LM2DM Project

1. Develop www.lm2dm.org into an energetic church leader and member educational web site.

2. Traditional and non-traditional church leadership topics will be included in the published articles.

3. Develop the skills to effectively use humor in written articles.

4. Articles will contain content that may challenge a church leaders' opinions and leadership methods.

5. Church leaders and members will be able to express their opinions about topics and church problems.

6. Training seminars and entertaining events will be developed and presented.

7. An organization and a network of interested people will be developed that will focus on learning how to effectively use an Internet Ministry.

8. The goals will be changed as they are achieved or become too difficult to even think about completing. Sometimes you just have to face up to the facts and move onto other things.

9. There are a few goals that will remain a secret, because the potential failure rate for these goals is high. Once a goal is achieved, bragging will begin.

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