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Written by Dale Lee

An employee is hired to help the company make a profit

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Welcome to a review of the traits of employees and managers. Are you an employee, manager, or both? How do you conduct yourself while at work?

The owner of the company has invested money to build the company. He has a lot to lose when the company does not make money. For the owner to make money, the company has to show a profit. The owner is taking a large risk since he can potentially lose all the money he has invested in the company. In comparison to the risk taken by the owner, what does each employee have to lose if the company does not make a profit?

Some employees do not understand that they are hired to help the company make a profit and not just perform a job’s duties. If you are a poor performer or your efforts are not having a positive impact on the company’s profit, why should the owner of the company keep you as an employee? You are costing the owner money without helping him make a profit.

You are of value to the company if you are productive. Your boss and not you determine if you are productive which may be a surprise to some employees. These employees think their opinion is more important than their boss. The Human Resource Department’s rules often assist these employees to keep their jobs. The rules make it difficult for their bosses to get rid of poor performing employees.

It is in the best interest of the company and each employee strives to support each other. The employee benefits by receiving a pay check and the company benefits by the employee’s efforts helping the company make a profit.

The owner of a company wants to make enough profit so he can make enough profit so he can receive an adequate salary and have enough money to invest into the company to help it grow. If the company does not make a profit, each employee will lose his job, the owner will lose what he has invested in the company, and the owner will lose the company.

The articles available for you deal with several perspectives of the relationships between the employee and the company and the employee and management. The articles’ contents are the opinions of the author, Dale Lee. What are your opinions? Send your opinions to Dale Lee. When you send an e-mail, be sure to include the article in question's title, your name, and your comments/questions. Dale is interested in hearing from you.

An employee is hired

to help the company make a profit

and not just perform a job’s duties.

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August 5, 2005