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[ In Memory of  BILL HOLT (1942-1997) ]

Bill Holt, the uncle of Linda Lee, was known as Unkie Bill. He did not let childhood polio, which confined him to a wheelchair, stop him from enjoying life and looking to the future. Yes, he had limitations, but that did not cause him to sit down and letting life pass him by. I stand corrected. He was forced to "sit" down, but he kept his wheelchair moving and did not let life pass by him. His advice to Linda about life was, "You know Hon, you can do anything you put your mind to."

Bill was a wheelchair cowboy and liked cowboy boots. He enjoyed traveling throughout the United States. Bill was a member of the Hoyt Baptist Church in Hoyt, Kansas.

Unkie Bill served as a dispatcher for the Kansas State Police for twenty-three years. Bill Holt was limited in where he could go, but that did not stop him from making sure that the Kansas State Police officers got to where they needed to go as they could served the people of Kansas.

May you and I follow Bill's example and focus on what we can do instead of thinking about what we cannot do. Serving God has its focus on doing. What cannot be done is often a state of mind and has nothing to do with what we can do when we empower ourselves through our faith in the power of God, the father of Jesus Christ.

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