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Published 11-05-2006

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DCT Position Description

The Director of Church Education (DCT) is a volunteer position that is responsible for providing the training for topics that will help people develop as church leaders and Christians. The DCT position could be used by a church that does not have a paid Minister of Education. It is possible that a DCT position or a similar position could be used to assist a paid Minister of Education.

The DCT will report to the Pastor, Minister of Education, or Church Council.

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DCT Position Responsibilities

Organize training opportunities by securing instructors and resources that will provide training for church leaders and church members.

Organize, prepare the budget, and plan the logistics associated with each training class.

Promote the training classes.

Provide an evaluation report of the class after the training class is completed.

Identify the church’s position or activities through which the members can apply their new skills and knowledge. The members may apply the skills at their church or another church.

Match the church members or groups of church members with a coach/mentor so the church members can continue their personal growth.

Provide methods for church members to receive evaluation on how they are applying their new skills.

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Considerations for Selecting the Person for the DCT Position

The DCT needs to have a desire to help church learners increase their ability to better serve God by increasing their skills and knowledge.

The DCT will need to be a self-starter.

It would be good for the DCT to have work experience as a teacher or trainer.

It would be good for the DCT to have served in several volunteer positions in the church so he can have insights into the needs of a variety of positions filled by church volunteers.

The DCT does not have to personally know how to perform every position in the church, but he must be willing to accept the challenge to helping people identify how they can improve the manner in which they perform their church duties.

It will be good for the DCT to understand how the church administratively operates and how its organizations operate and relate to each other.

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Comments about the DCT

The DCT will identify the training needs of the church’s members by working with the pastor, church leaders, and members in order to identify specific types of training to be offered to a group of church members. This can be accomplished through questionnaires, group meetings, individual meetings, request by members, etc. The DCT will identify topics for training classes. The training classes will help church leaders and church members become more skilled at serving God through leadership positions and living a more effective Christian Life.

The DCT is a part of the church’s long range plans to become more effective in reaching out to its community by empowering its members to be more effective in being a Christian.

The DCT will serve as a catalyst in the process of church members increasing their abilities. The DCT will help provide the church members with the opportunities, resources, encouragement, etc. The end result of the efforts of the DCT is the increased effectiveness of church members.

The DCT will identify resources or provide data to the church member so they can secure the resources. If there is not a church budget item for securing the resources, the DCT will identify how church members will provide the finances too secure the resources. Resources can be books, people, audio and video tapes, etc.

The DCT is not responsible for the traditional Sunday School program. The training sponsored by the DCT could be conducted during the Sunday School time period and at time periods acceptable to the members that will be participating.

It is possible for several small churches to unite to work with one person that will serve as the DCT. This will be an unusual type of cooperation for the small churches. This type of association of the churches can enable a church to have access to a qualified DCT.

Not all of the church’s members will be interested in investing the time and effort to become better at serving God. The DCT will work with the members that have the desire to improve their abilities.

The ideal situation will have a DCT position at an association, a diocese, a conference, etc. level. This position can cross individual church boundaries in helping a local church’s DCT identify resources and opportunities for the student members to apply their new acquired skills and knowledge.

After church members’ acquire new skills/knowledge, the DCT will help the church members find an opportunity to apply their new abilities. The DCT will work with the church’s pastor and leaders to identify how the church member can apply his new skills and knowledge. An internship with a limited duration at another church is possible way for a person to practice his new skills and knowledge.

When possible, the DCT will secure the commitment of a person that will serve as a mentor or coach to the church members as they apply their new skills and knowledge. Training of the mentor/coach, if needed, will be determined by the DCT. It is possible that a mentor/coach could be a member of another church.

The DCT will provide a process through which the members will be evaluated as they apply the new skills and knowledge. The DCT will be a part of the evaluation process. From the church’s normal church’s leadership structure, he will include the appropriate people in the evaluation process. The evaluation process is to help each member grow by helping him understand his strengths and weaknesses.

The creative skill of the DCT may be as important to him fulfilling his duties as any other skill he may possess.

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Permission to Print and Alter Content and Make Comments

Permission is granted to print this page’s content if the printed material is used in the process of evaluating the DCT position or implementing the DCT position.

Permission is granted to alter this page’s content as part of the implementation of the DEC’s position at your church.

It is requested that Dale Lee be notified if your church considers implementing the DEC position and/or actually implements the DEC position. He would appreciate you sharing with him any comment you have about the DEC position.

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